11 April 2012

The Happiest Print...

If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will. Here's to you, New York, on this cloudy Wednesday.

Shop window: The Right Angle (uptown), Hoboken

08 March 2012

Not to Get Political

But, those are some pretttttttty good points re: Obama. More awesome, impressive, glorious, fabulous stats on Forbes...

07 March 2012

Trivia Night

I've always been a huge fan of Jeopardy and almost any other trivia game. For a change, I'm headed to a local bar tonight for...get this...Seinfeld trivia. I'm currently prepping my brain via YouTube and iMDB so that I could, at the very least, stand a small chance against the die hard fans. Wish me a ton of luck! I leave you with my all-time favorite clip. "Don't steal my jokes."

02 March 2012

Hello, Friday

Finally, Friday! Didn't it just feel like the longest week in record? This weekend, we're celebrating my boyfriend's birthday (we're only 9 days apart) so it will be a blast eating cupcakes for a second weekend in a row! No guilt. Ever. And here are my favorite links from around the interweb this week:

The happiest animals in the world!

Eeekk only more 45 days until the special edition Domino issue comes out

A lovely reminder to just step back and breathe

Drooling over everything here, but especially putting this on my weekend to-do

Solid tips for you photographers out there and free courses if you want to become one!

I want everything on this inspiration board, including the mermaid flask

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

photo viz buzzfeed & dooce