26 November 2008

The bigger...the better?

HOLY SMOKES.  I don't really know what else to say.  What are your thoughts?  Besides laughter.

Life's necessities via POSTALCO

Postalco began in Brooklyn and has now spread as far as Tokyo.  They are obsessed with mail, paper, and paper goods, which is definitely right up my alley.  The website is chock-full of leather and cloth envelopes, graph paper, letter writing sets, and pretty much any other staple item you would want in your desk or on your travels.  Some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure:

Toolbox: For scissors and other do-dads you don't want floating around in your purse.

Small mail bag: The perfect messenger bag.  Need I say more?

Fancy-pantsy envelopes: Super elegant, I wouldn't even want to write on them.

Postcard leather wallet: The handsome, baby version of the big leather envelopes.

25 November 2008


I'm a little behind on my music game, but anyone who is anyone should really download the most recent release of Girl Talk's Feed the Animals.  He's like a DJ on steroids.  The crux of his, Gregg Gillis, fame is his ability to take DOZENS of songs and make a mashed-up piece of heaven.  The problem: he has no legal rights to these songs whatsoever, and they actually sound better than the original.  I'm not joking.  Maybe that's why he'll probably get the pants sued off of him (hence why he can't sell his CD).  You can, however, download this iPod-party off of his website at whatever price you name.  You can thank me later.

24 November 2008


a darling little stocking for a pretty little mantle.

Hayden makes a mean clutch

Hayden Panettiere, the face of Dooney & Bourke, is proving her talents once more with the introduction of the Hayden Clutch, a collaboration between the actress and D&B designers.  Gold accents and the lion crest, inspired by her astrological sign, Leo, make this bag look extra regal and classic.  The bag, available in 6 versatile hues, is set to hit stores December 1, 2008 for $295.00.  Just in time for Santa to throw it in our stockings.

photos via millionlooks + stylewatch

21 November 2008

Have a silly weekend!

Off to Atlantic City this weekend!  Can't wait to be irresponsible and silly.
Anyone have any good plans?  Regardless, have a blast, try something new.

For now, I leave you with some of this week's candy:
    • Wild secrets from a favorite store.  You'll never believe what goes on.
    • My favorite G.G. recap. Fact v. fiction.
    • Plaid  is my favorite for the holidays.
    • Nic-Rich's pretty braids.  Planning on trying these.  I may or may not be successful.
    • A home filled with wonders.
    • I want to be a kid again!
    • Her awesome hat (and burnt sienna colored jacket)!
    • Last, but not least!  Holy smokes!

photo via frolic! via roland bello 

Knit your heart out

all I can say is: a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

via double takes + black*eiffel

5-for-$50 Fridays

{grand total: $48.78}

A little hope for the weekend shopping trips!
  • Dahlia Dot PillowcasesdELiA*s, $11.99: This adorable orange color is my favorite for winter.  I especially think it would be fun and cozy waking up to these polka-dots!
  • Bird clips, IKEA, $5.99: Birds bring the wonders of outdoors inside.  These would be especially perfect for clipping pictures to hanging twine or clip on tablecloth corners as weights.
  • Eye Widener Pencil, e.l.f., $1.00: This entire website is dirt cheap and apparently not too bad either.  Has anyone tried e.l.f. cosmetics?  Let me know.
  • Cheshire Croc Clutch, Forever 21, $22.80: Forever 21...need I say more?
  • Love tape, Fred Flare, $7.00: I want to wrap all my gifts with this.  I just think of how great it would be to open a present sealed with pretty hearts.

20 November 2008

Give thanks for Thanksgiving

I'm already prepping for the food binge that is Thanksgiving Day.  My absolute favorites are the plain ol' mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, but after days of searching the buffet of goodies on the web, I may have to reconsider (prepare to drool):

Winter Fruit Salad, Smitten Kitchen

What are your favorite dishes, new or old?  I really can't wait for Thursday.

photo via m.s.

19 November 2008

Man, my wallet hates me

I've been delinquent with my posting lately.  Apologies all around.

Getting down to business...
I've been shopping around for man-things for my boyfriend and getting in serious holiday-mode.  The malls are mayhem and it's only going to get worse (cross your fingers, let's boost the economy people).  I've chosen a very slim selection of guy items that I think, very easily, could be incorporated into my wardrobe.  For obvious reasons, I didn't put any type of pant on here because I'd be doing laps in them, but I love the rugged and roomy feel of these pieces here.
  • Tor Parka, Urban Outfitters, $158.00: Remember this?! Close enough and in LOVE.
  • Analog Black Dial, Fossil, $105.00: I have a men's watch that I wear all the time.  It's bigger than my wrist and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Globe-Trotter Centenary Suitcase, J. Crew, $2,400: This suitcase is absolutely classic.  I understand that an item like this is unisex, but J. Crew insists on filing it under the men's section.
  • Cable-knit Cardigan, Gap, $138.00 $99.99: Who doesn't like a good grandpa sweater? No one.
Until next time!

    17 November 2008

    13 November 2008

    Etsy find: Vintage china turned bad-ass

    trixiedelicious creates these hilarious, yet somewhat heartwarming ceramic masterpieces by taking old, boring pieces and giving them another chance using ceramic paint. I had a really hard time choosing which ones to feature on this post, but I think I covered some good ground. Ghetto, check. Jerk, check. Although, I am sort of upset that the ugly/dumb bowls didn't make the cut because I think they are a wonderful addition to anyone's china collection. You can visit her blog, the amazing etsy shop, or find her on flickr, ya jerk.

    Oh boy! A new header!

    So, I was sort of getting sick of the old cursive header that's been the face of my pretty blog for the past 3 months.  I've had this "old school paper" idea in my brain for a while now, and I finally buckled down and got it done.  Hope you love it as much as I do!

    p.s. only 2 days until the weekend.  get your party pants ready.

    12 November 2008

    Spotted: Lockers

    I like am infatuated with vintage furniture, mainly items made for anything other than home use (remember the library card catalogs from a couple weeks ago? christmas is coming up..wink wink).  Anyways, I want to go steal lockers from my old high school to get this look.  How stinkin' pretty is that?  The closest thing I could find were these:
    Close, but no cigar.  I want the blue!  Anyone have any clues?  Buy you a Big Mac.

    photo via we heart it

    S is for Stockholm

    One rugged.  One pretty.  I can't decide which one I will obsess over more.

    11 November 2008


     Classic snail mail via 16 Sparrows.  Here.
    It's been a busy day.  Send me a telegraph.

    10 November 2008

    Become the person you want to be

    Resolutions for everything and everyone (in pretty Helvetica!). You can even submit your own and maybe have it featured. I'd want mine to look like this: "Cheeseburgers are not breakfast". Maybe they'll go for it?

    What's your resolution? Get your brains pumping. Happy Monday!

    08 November 2008

    Cereal, my way

    Skip the sugar rushes. [me]&goji is a fabulous website to create your own adventurous (and healthy) cereal mixes.  My concoction?  Samurai wheat, crunch granola, choco-cranberry, bananas, golden raisins, and sliced almonds.  Find your combo here.

    06 November 2008

    Update: Kobayashi & Hot Dog costume

    After posting about my costume a couple weeks ago, I was featured at EatFeats, but more importantly, at Takeru Kobayashi's blog! The big guy himself posted my costume. I'm honored! But, I really just can't stop laughing. HUGE thank you to EatFeats, T. Kob, and Nathan's for creating such a disgusting and amusing event to watch!

    p.s. TK's (we're on a nickname basis now) blog is originally written in Japanese, of course, so when it gets translated, it makes zero sense.

    photo via flickr

    Abigail Lorick, I want to marry your clothes

    Abigail Lorick: the ghost-designer for "Eleanor Waldorf's" collection featured on Gossip Girl. Now, catch your breath and JUST look at the beautiful fabrics and details. Each piece is wonderfully ultra-fem without being tight or too showy. The crazy part is Lorick used actual designs from her line to showcase on the show. Strategic PR, if you ask me.

    If I didn't fear infringement laws, I would've posted her entire Spring '09 collection. I'm not even kidding. It's that good. I'd give a kidney for any of these...maybe a limb.

    Check out past collections here, here, and hurrrrr.

    photos via lorick new york

    The next man

    #44. Just look at him. It's wonderful.

    p.s. I know I'm delayed about 24 hours, but it is STILL worth mentioning.

    via obama magazine

    04 November 2008


    I own about 4 of these EEBOO notebooks and have only seen/bought them at Bloom in Newark, DE.  A huge lightbulb went off in my brain when I decided to google the thing and stock up online.  Got 'em.  And now...I am the happiest girl in the world.

    What does democracy taste like?

     ...damn good.

    Get it on, 6:00am to 8:00pm.

    photo via ffffound

    03 November 2008

    Bop til you drop

    This month ShopBop has selected their "Obsessions" which included must-haves like Vanessa Bruno's Fringe Hobo and Dolce Vita's Mason Tall Moc Boot. Of course, I can't top their choices, but I've compiled my own wish list of items that would make me warm and fuzzy on any chilly day.

    From top left:
    1. Bo Feather Handkerchief Frill Playsuit, 2. Bianca Cutout Platform Bootie, 3. Dread Jacket, 4. Thermal Leggings, 5. Marabou Feathers Vest, 6. Kenny Hood, 7. Drawstring Top, 8. Olivia Bow Ring, 9. Juddy Small Bag, 10. Indiana Dress, 11. Wool Skirt with Button Flap Pockets, 12. Cape Coat

    all photos via shopbop

    I wanna fist bump with Barack

    An Obama photo booth featuring the famous fist bump? Um, where was I? FYI: The photographer and "photoshopper", Erich Morton, was the mastermind behind this genius fundraiser where each person donated only $10 to the campaign in exchange for an amazing portrait of them and B pounding fists.

    P.S. only ONE more day! The suspense is insane. Good luck to both candidates, seriously. We're in for a wild ride...

    photos via rio mcthorne